Streamline Your Move: What to Do with the Things that Remain

Where did this stuff come from?

As you pack moving boxes and wrap furniture in blankets, one question usually runs through everyone’s mind: How did I accumulate so many things?

It’s no secret that moving is a great time to purge items you no longer need. There is always the temptation pulling at us to “hang on” to an item “just in case we need it again.” Chances are that if you have not used it in a year, then you will never need it again, so toss it rather than move it.

Don’t fall victim to old clutter in your new home! Leaving certain items behind may help new residents. Rehoming or tossing out certain items is the first step in setting yourself up for a successful move.

If you have fewer things to pack, then you will free up some time and energy, making your move more enjoyable. Plus, you will have more space on the moving truck!

But leaving things behind can be easier said than done.

You can let go of the following items and feel good about them. Movers cannot move some, so say goodbye to those and never look back.

ONE: Unused Paint. Say goodbye to leftover paint quickly because you will probably not use it at your new home. You will have an entirely new color pallet. Those who purchased your home will thank you for your thoughtfulness as they look to touch up walls and baseboards. Label your cans of paint: Bedroom, great room, bath, etc. Most of us use white on baseboards or doorways. It’s important to label your white paint because there are thousands of different whites on the market.

TWO: Lawn chemicals, especially ones that you have had for years. A bag of 10-10-10 can be easily picked up at a store in your new city. Lawn fertilizers and weed killers can turn over and cause many environmental problems. Leave them behind or dispose of them, but make sure you purge the ones that can’t be used or are outdated. Again, new homeowners love having things they can use to make their new home look better.

THREE: Curtains. One lady explained how she still had curtains from two moves earlier. Curtains that work for one home rarely work in another. Leaving behind window treatments gives the new owners something to close for privacy the night they move in.

FOUR: Lighting fixtures. Most buyers want the light fixtures and bulbs that were shown with the house to stay. But if you decide that you must have that expensive light fixture that you purchased for your living area, then be sure to tell your real estate agent at the time you list your home. If you do remove light fixtures, be sure to replace them with lighting that goes well with the house.

FIVE: Appliances. Most of the time, people leave behind their kitchen appliances. You rarely hear something like: “I love my fridge too much to leave it behind.” Appliances can be easily purchased for your new home. If you are downsizing or moving into a larger space, it is important to purchase items that fit the home you are buying. Rental spaces usually come with furnished kitchens. Moving is a great time to upgrade your appliances, especially now that so many new features and colors are on the market.

SIX: Plants—inside and out. Some garden plants have sentimental value. Maybe it has grown from the cuttings your mom gave you. Or the daylilies came from your grandmother’s yard. Some outdoor plants are reasonable to ask if you can remove them and take them with you. But larger plants and bushes must stay, and new ones must be purchased at your new home. Before removing any garden plants, be sure to make a note of this before contracts are signed. Inside plants can be moved if packed securely. Medium-size boxes with reinforced bottoms work well. Or you may want to move your inside plants in your car or SUV.

SEVEN: In-ground items. For example, mailboxes need to stay with anything secured in the ground that could be considered real estate, not personal property. These stay with your home after the sale. This includes mailboxes, birdhouses, yard lights, and even fire pits.

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