Let’s Get Packing—Don’t Rush It!

Don’t rush through this task.

When it comes to packing clothing, some people get it right and others try to rush through this task. If we are honest, packing clothes is almost like packing the refrigerator! It’s one of the last things you want to do! But it is one of the most important things that must be done!

Admit it: There’s nothing like waking up the day after a significant move and not being able to find the box that holds your jeans, comfy tee shirts, or tennis shoes. These are the very things that you need the day following your move.

Packing is the one thing you can do well!

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your closet. Begin by packing the things you need right now during this season. Pack a suitcase to go with you that contains essentials for at least a week, then pack the clothes you will require the most when you return to work or other activities.

Time management is a “lifesaver” here. Many people jump in and begin pulling clothes off the racks of their closets.

In previous blogs, we discussed creating a plan for your move; nothing calls for more of a plan than packing up your clothes. Think about it: what is the first thing you need when you get to your new home: clothes on some level.

Packing is a process. So, don’t allow yourself to get off track by trying to rush through this one area. Some good self-talk goes a long way to help you achieve your goal.

  • Stay organized. It’s easy to begin packing well, only to rush later and forget to mark boxes and containers correctly.
  • Stay Steady. You can move slowly but remain steady, and you will get it all done at the right time.
  • Resist the idea of moving all your clothes yourself. It’s a big mistake unless you are doing the move yourself. But if you have a moving team, take advantage of boxing up clothing and letting your relocation team do the hard work!
  • Consider your destination. If you’re making a long-distance move, consider the climate of your new home and purge seasonal clothing you won’t need. For instance, if you are moving from Minnesota to south Alabama, you probably can donate most of your heavy coats but keep lighter items out for those winter chilly days.
  • Purge what you no longer need or use. One of the hardest things to do during a move is to let go. Whether it is kitchenware (one person had collected seven pizza cutters) or date clothes, you must let go!

Sentimental value has slowed down many “relocation” moves! If you can let go, consider storing your artifacts in a storage unit! But the better advice is to have the courage to let it go.

Old T-shirts can indeed be cut and sewn into a quilt. Your grandpa’s favorite flannel shirt can be converted into a throw pillow or teddy bear. Even your wedding dress can be creatively repurposed. Save it if you must, but make sure that the item you keep will be something you genuinely need in the future!

A hidden truth about moving is knowing how to conserve your energy. It’s your move, so more than likely, you will touch every area of your move. So, go slow. You will still need to instruct movers even with your moving team present.

The Next Step

After packing what is essential, begin to pack your out-of-season clothing. It is sort of like moving to the next thing in line. You know you are making progress when you can see the categories of your clothing fall into place.

Packing up your clothes means you are on your way. Think about if you can organize your move so boxes line your bedroom walls with marked contents. Instantly, you will know what goes where and what boxes must be unpacked first. Also, use this opportunity to donate or give away clothes you have not worn in over a year!

If you have not used a garment over the past year, it is probably time to be recycled to another home!

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Work

If you have time and a large amount of clothing or notably bulky items such as winter jackets, you can use vacuum storage bags. They work best when you are concerned about space. They are an inexpensive packing trick that keeps your clothes safe from moisture, dirt, and damage while creating a lot of extra packing space.

Pack Those Shoes Separately!

Shoes deserve an excellent way to be packed. You spend lots of money on shoes yearly, so moving them correctly will keep them in the proper condition. First, it’s tempting to pack shoes with your clothes. While this may seem like an excellent way to fill some empty holes, it’s not. When shoes are mixed up in the packing process, they can be lost. They also can snag fabric or, just as bad—make your clothes dirty. Pack your shoes separately and you will be happy that you did.

Shoes need to be placed in medium-sized boxes or plastic bins. Line the bottom with a row of shoes, then add a layer of packing paper before placing another shoe layer in the box.

Avoid crushing your shoes by stuffing each one with packing paper or paper towels. It’s much better to have multiple smaller, moveable boxes than one or two heavy boxes bursting at the seams.

If you have the original shoe boxes, use those and even place them in a larger moving box. It is all a matter of staying organized and taking a little extra time on the front end to ensure a better outcome when you unpack!

Packing clothes for a move can seem daunting, but it can be a breeze with the right strategies and supplies. Start by sorting your clothes into different groups based on type, material, season, or occasion, purging unwanted items as you go. Then, find the right supplies for each group, such as garment bags, plastic bins, wardrobe boxes, and packing paper.

Give yourself ample time to sort through your clothes, pack them carefully, and label each box clearly. With these packing tips in mind, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free moving experience. However, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance—if you feel overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional moving company to help.

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