8 Reasons to Donate Items before You Move

It’s true: one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Plus, it is more than wise to look around your house and see what is not needed. If you’re willing to let go of unnecessary belongings (ill-fitting clothes, furniture that no longer works), you could be helping someone else who cannot afford “new.” Make sure what you donate is gently used and not ready for the trash bin! Seriously, we often see something that is beloved as having more value than it does.

Here are 8 reasons why donating items before a move is a good idea.

  • You help others: There are plenty of people in our communities that have needs. The furniture and clothes that you donate to a reputable organization will be used and those who receive them will be grateful. For the most part, we have too much and a move—long or short—is the perfect opportunity to clean out the old and get ready for something new!
  • Lighten Your Load: When it comes to your move, you could have a lot. The less you pack, the less the cost of your move! By getting rid of unnecessary household belongings, you’ll cut back on the weight of your move and the time it will take to do it. So, that means you will save!
  • Homes sell faster: When a house is clutter free, realtors are happier! Most will encourage you to declutter the home that you are selling. People like to step into a home, condo, or even an apartment and be able to visualize it with their own furniture inside. Cluttered spaces prevent this. When you can’t see past the clutter, it is hard to see the great space involved.
  • Clutter cleared at the old house means less clutter at your new home: The rule of thought is: if you have not used something in six months or more, then let go of it. This is certainly true of clothing. If you have too much furniture and you are downsizing, then think logically what will work at your new location. Many people hire space experts to help them to work through their move.
  • The move will go quicker: When there are less items involved then the moving process will go quicker. Also, having a mental “road map” that includes where items will be placed is a must do. Usually, relocation experts have policies that include one move and one change. In other words, if you say you want that “loveseat” in front of a fireplace but change your mind, then you get to do that once with their help. After that, you are on your own.
  • You will be better organized: Moving less to your new location is essentially a great way to clean out and tighten up your living spaces. Think of your move as a new start! If possible, don’t drag the old into the new unless it all works together to help you feel at home and not simply cramped into new surroundings.
  • You will have more free time sooner: Cleaning before you move and donating what you are not going to use, will impact you on the reverse end. If you make a good plan and stick to it, you will be able to relax sooner. It is less stressful. You can let go of the worry that comes from deciding about storage and trying to make items fit. Hang on to the things that you absolutely know work and let go of things that don’t.
  • You will save on Your Taxes: Donations are tax-deductible. Ask for a receipt and list out what you have given. Often places like Salvation Army and Habitat will allow you to assign a dollar amount for the item you are donating. If you don’t have time to record all donated belongings before moving, simply take a photo of each item. Using these pictures to keep track of donated belongings will make it easier to go back and fill in your donation receipts after you move to your new home. Just ask!

Well-Known Places that Accept Donations

  • Habitat for Humanity The Habitat for Humanity Restores sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more. Those looking to donate large pieces of furniture, such as couches, dining tables or beds, can call a local Habitat for Humanity Restore and arrange for a pickup – free of charge! No excuse for failing to donate!
  • The Salvation Army This group is always easy to donate to and they are very grateful for what you give. They will take furniture, lamps, household goods, and clothes. Drop off locations and pick up options are available throughout the U.S. The Salvation Army also accepts automobiles, and appliances (that work). All proceeds from the Family Stores go to funding Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Goodwill accepts new and gently used household items and clothes. Moving in the winter? That is a perfect time to clean out that coat closet. This non-profit also partners with Dell to collect electronics and unwanted devices. Goodwill will refurbish and recycle the materials to benefit your local community. To donate your belongings before moving, simply drop them off at a local Goodwill Donation Center. Many Goodwill locations also offer free pickup services.
  • Local Homeless Shelters Many shelters will receive gently used, work-appropriate clothing. Local shelters will seek to help men and women prepare for new jobs by providing professional attire and development tools. New or nearly new suits mean a lot to someone who is wanting to step up and get a job in their community. It is crucial to have the right business appropriate apparel, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and jewelry. Call your local shelter to learn more. If they do not accept donations, chances are they know who does.

Need help determining the value of your donated items?

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