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For the Love of Books!

How to Pack Them for Your Move If you’re an avid book lover, your collection of books probably is very important to you. This blog offers a guide on how to pack books for a move—across town or across the country. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to keeping your books safe and organized.  Remember, when it comes to books that are priceless to you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring a professional mover or moving yourself. Packing them correctly is the most important thing! Sort Your Books and Organize [...]

Best Moving Straps

One of the most common home or workplace injuries is back strain caused by improper lifting. Don’t be one of the “heroes” who try to do too much. Furniture moving straps help you lift heavy items properly and they can make a difficult job easier and safer but there are limitations. Lift Heavy Items and Move Them Safely Over the years you have probably overextended your reach and hurt your back trying to lift something that was way too heavy for you. There is a way to lift these items safely. The Occupational Safety & [...]

Oh, Those Unexpected Moving Delays!

When it comes to relocation, everyone wants their move to go smoothly. No one wants to talk about delays. But delays happen! How do you stay on track? Believe it or not, Delays begin early in the process. Lots of us like to “put off doing today what we think can be done tomorrow.” This may work on some level but not on the level with a major move. When moving, no one wants delays, planning works! The moment you know you are going to move is the moment you should begin researching and asking [...]

Enjoy Your Move

Let’s begin this blog about moving with an exciting word: Enjoy! You may think: “What?! Enjoy a moving experience?” The short answer is yes! While moving is probably one of the most stressful life events, it can be—fun. But this only happens if you are prepared in advance; if you have booked a great mover; and if you are ready to set out on a new adventure. Those who hang back worrying over every detail usually find moves—even across town—daunting. In fact, when it comes to moving, someone should have signs printed that say: No [...]

Clean before You Close the Door!

The truck is loaded. The movers are ready to drive away, and a sinking feeling falls over you! The fridge! You forgot to clean the fridge and possibly beneath the upstairs bathroom sink. Did someone check?” That’s when you remember the outside shed and how you told your friend the day before that you would take care of it and the other things! Success is Motivating Moving always has hidden parts to it. We have covered some in previous blogs. A good example is the blog about “things your mover won’t and can’t move.” You [...]

Moving to the “Rocket City” Huntsville, Alabama

Moving to Huntsville can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Moving to Huntsville, Alabama, also known as the "Rocket City," can be an exciting and rewarding experience, given the city's unique characteristics and opportunities. Here are some specific aspects to consider and look forward to when making the move: Aerospace and Innovation: Huntsville's nickname, the "Rocket City," reflects its rich history and ongoing contributions to aerospace and technology. The city played a crucial role in the development of the U.S. space program, and this legacy is still evident today with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center [...]

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