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Prepare for Moving Day with an Emergency Survival Kit

Almost every “moving tips survival guide” will talk about the importance of an emergency moving day kit. This tip is doubly important if you have kids. Mature adults can survive a few hours without comfort foods and beverages. Immature children, however, cannot. If you don’t have an adequate supply of treats for your upcoming road trip, your kids are going to have a bad time. Make sure your moving day emergency kit has lots of all of the following: -Drinks and snacks -Paper towels, towels, plates, and utensils -Bathroom basics, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, contact [...]

Are You Ready to Move?

Relocating brings many questions to mind: what to ask your realtor the next time you have showings, what percentage you locked in at on your mortgage, and how many boxes you might need to purchase for moving. Here’s some help from your Alabama movers: check out this information you might want to know before the moving trucks pull up. Ready your belongings for the movers Before the movers arrive, make sure you have your dishes washed and out of the dishwasher. Leaving this to the last minute can get a little messy. Along the same lines, [...]

Out-of-State Moving Checklist

Moving can be stressful, but the stress might be more intense as you move further away from the location you know as home. Whether you’re relocating states for a job transfer or attending a certain school, you want to be prepared for such a move. With the help of your Alabama movers and this checklist, you’ll be ready to move in no time. Before you move, visit the area as often as you can. There are many things to check out when moving to a new area. Get out, walk around, go to the places you would normally use, [...]

How to Pre-Plan Your Route Before You Move

There’s a lot of planning involved in moving. With so much planning involved, it’s easy to overlook planning your actual moving route. Whether you’re moving across the city or across the state, pre-planning your route seems pretty straightforward. Just type the locations into Google Maps, then take note of the directions, right? There’s actually a little more involved in pre-planning your moving route than just Google Maps. Here’s what you need to know about pre-planning your route: Why You Need to Pre Plan Your Moving Route You should pre-plan your route whether you’re moving to [...]

5 Essential Packing Tips to Know

Moving to a new home seems easy – until you actually start to pack boxes. Your home probably has way more things in it than you realize. Learn how to move those things as efficiently as possible with these 5 essential packing tips guaranteed to make your move in Alabama and around the country easier: 1) Save Bubble Wrap by Wrapping Breakable Items in Clothing You need to move your clothes and your breakables to your new house. So why not combine both of those items into one box? Wrap your clothes around your dishes, [...]

How to Make Moving Easier on Your Child

Moving is tough. Moving with children is even harder. As you prepare to relocate your family from one place to another, we want to assist you in the process to make it as smooth as possible. As moving day approaches, we have a few tips for how you can make the processes more enjoyable, or at least better, for your children. Here are some great tips you should consider: Involve them in Shopping for a Home (Or At Least Pretend To) Bring your child with you when you’re looking at new homes. Or, if that’s [...]

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