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That Small Town Feel—Opelika, Alabama!

That Small Town Feel—Opelika, Alabama! More and more people are falling in love with small towns! It’s not just a Hallmark Christmas movie but an indisputable fact. Going small is a big deal these days. The once-shiny thought of living in a large, fast-moving city is dimming. Americans love bake sales, antique shopping, driving down a country road, and waving to their neighbors. There’s something about being “home” that has new meaning. And nothing says home like small-town living! Weekend escapes are something Americans are noted for, but many are turning those into [...]

Pack like a Pro!

Pack like a Pro! Moving can be all about celebration until you turn around and look at your current home! That’s when it hits you: You need to pack! You could let your moving team do this for you, or you could learn to pack like a professional. If this is the case, then you need to think about how to get started. Professionals usually suggest that you begin to pack at least six weeks in advance of your move. This means buying boxes, which we’ll outline below, along with having plenty of [...]

How to Move During the Holidays

How to Move During the Holidays December is here, and with it comes thoughts of holiday celebrations. It is time to decorate and prepare for time spent with family and friends. It is time for parties, good food, and conversations. But for some, the holiday season is the perfect time to move! There are many reasons why people move during the holidays. Some include a work relocation, Military deployment, a life-changing event, or the need to downsize. We once thought of winter as being the wrong time to move. Children were in school, [...]

Are Americans Restless and Moving is a way to Solve this?

Are Americans Restless and Moving is a way to Solve this? A recent article in Architectural Digest (AD) says that the number of Americans moving had declined significantly until now. “In the 2000s, about 20% of Americans would move in a given year compared to figures in the low teens more recently. Even data including the peak years of the coronavirus pandemic shows a decline. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 13.7% of Americans moved in 2019 compared to 12.8% in 2021.” AD goes on to report that the downward trend has [...]

How to Move with Your Pet

How to Move with Your Pet If you have a beloved pet, the ASPCA suggests that you make sure your pet loves it before you choose a new home! That’s a consideration, but it is one that pet owners have responded to over the last few years. Remember, movers do not move pets. Too much can happen, but they want you to successfully move with your dog, cat, or other pet friend. Pets bring joy and comfort and are fun, but they can become challenging during a move (long or short). Younger pets may welcome [...]

Need to Move During Extreme Weather?

Need to Move During Extreme Weather? We watch the seasons change and know that winter is not far away. When it comes to moving, you can plan for a lot of things, but shifts and changes in the weather are not one of them. When you set up plans with your moving company, you ask about weather delays and sudden changes. Coastal areas in the eastern portion of the country are vulnerable to hurricanes. Rain and wintery weather can wreak havoc on an otherwise perfectly coordinated move. Even if you know the weather forecast well [...]

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