Embracing High-Tech Solutions for Relocation

Not Your Father’s Move!

Like most of what we do in our world today, moving has gone high-tech! Yes, there is still the need for hand packing (AI has not gotten that far) and loading the moving truck, but a lot has truly changed.

People, young and old, are using long-distance movers more and more because they are relocating out of state. They are moving to their dream location so they can better enjoy life.

A significant shift is taking place in our country. People have realized that being close to friends, family members, and the things they enjoy most have tremendous value.

Your Parent’s Move Was Different

Many times, in our parent’s world, people didn’t move as often. Families lived within blocks or a few miles of one another. Moves were easy because people had fewer “things” to move. But our society is much more mobile. You can work from home, or you can move to a place where you can boat, fish, golf, hike, kayak, or bike within a few minutes from your front door.

Sure, people still relocate because of a job requirement. But more and more people are willing to sacrifice for the love of what they enjoy most. Many are relocating to areas where they can see themselves living for years to come, if not to the end of their lives.

Recently, a couple of empty nesters decided to move from one state to a location with year-round outdoor activities. Mountains and hikes are a short drive away. Winters are milder with an obvious seasonal change, and their children are a short drive away.

Best yet, their friends are closer, and the need for a purposeful community is met. It’s a win for everyone! They stay active, enjoy life to the max, and look for ways to live longer. They de-stress over long weekends doing straightforward and simple things.

The Contrast Between Generations

A generation ago, people moved when necessary. Today, we move to find that special place that makes us smile. Thus, so many large and small cities are adding venues for the arts, entertainment, specialty food, local breweries, artisan shopping, and outdoor spaces.

There was a time when moving involved you and a truck—or a couple of people and a truck—which meant sheer exhaustion at the end of the road!

Today, moving teams work smarter. Time really is money—your money and theirs. Here’s a list of what you can expect:

Expect Online Estimates While it is still best to ask if a company representative can personally meet with you, there are ways that you can receive a close estimate of moving expenses. Be sure to get three estimates from different companies. But also ask for estimates that include the different levels of moves.

Always be honest! If your mover can’t come to you, be sure to go to them with complete information. If you are getting an online estimate, make sure you are totally honest concerning your square footage and items in each room.  Failure to disclose things to your moving team representative could lead to miscommunication and increased charges.

A Complete Move: Your relocation team does it all—packing, labeling, and loading the truck.

A Particle Pack Move This type of move takes place when the moving team helps you with wrapping and securing larger items that will move like a piano and China cabinet. They help with larger items, and you pack items that are smaller and easy to handle.

A DIY Move You pack everything, and the team shows up on a moving day and loads the truck.

We suggest taking videos and photos of your belongings. Uploading copies to your relocation company will help ensure you have the correct pricing up front.

We have covered insurance in previous blogs. The simple answer is “yes,” you need it. Check the various kinds that are offered.

You can do a complete DIY move, but if you move a distance, the chances of items you cherish getting broken increase considerably.

What to expect

Expect on-Time Services. You are paying for your move, so be ready when your moving team members show up on time and are ready to move. They are graded by their timely actions, professionalism, courtesy, and ability to get you safely to your new location.

Not being ready, asking for extra time to pack, or stopping along the way prevents them from doing their best. Flexibility is the key to success. Your job is to make sure that you are ready and that your team does not have to bend over backward repeatedly.

Expect Your Moving Team to Take Care of Your Items In the past, movers loaded their trucks with a couple of hard-working team members. Today, computer programs can draw out your move and even how to pack the moving truck. You should expect a team (if you have correctly estimated your move) to show up with all the needed materials and move—hand trucks, straps, plastic wrap, and padding that is needed.

Expect a Timely Move-In and Placement of Items. Most moving companies will tell you that they will move in your items and then if the placement is not the best, they will give you one shift in each room location. But don’t rush! Remember, work out your timeline, but also make sure you don’t push too much.

This is why we tell our clients to sketch a drawing of their new home, each room, and furniture placement. Most clients know the square footage of their new home and the dimensions of each room. Planning saves time, energy, and money!

Expect to Have Time to Enjoy Your New Home Sooner. Using a moving team on any of the abovementioned levels will give you more time to enjoy your new home and location. One of the major advantages of working with a relocation team is how their ability on the front end saves you stress on the back end.

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