Effortless moving: Turning Change Into Adventure

Moving is an Adventure

Packing up your life and moving doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful. Whether you are moving across two states or just across the state, it can bring a sense of a new adventure and a new beginning. Even if this is a “must” move, look for ways to make your move easier. After all, once the boxes are unpacked, you are home!

Consider a Multi-Day Move                         

With so much going on, our time is valuable in today’s world! With every move, people seek to move out of their old homes and into their new homes in one day. The result is often exhaustion and frustration.

They collapse on their sofa and think how good it is that the move is over! Then they look around and realize the move has just begun! Boxes are all around them—many without marked contents because the move happened quickly.

A New Way to Move

The trend for 2024 is leaning toward taking more time to move and less time to feel stressed. More and more people are opting for multi-day moves, where they begin to move small items and boxes days before the relocation team shows up.

If you can get the keys to your new house a couple of days before the moving truck arrives, you can clean and even unpack smaller boxes. Some people have set up their kitchens and bathrooms before the truck pulled into the driveway!

Plus, it’s much easier to clean and add new flooring when a house is empty. Then, when your moving truck arrives, you can place items easily. Kitchens, cupboards, bathrooms, and carpets can all be addressed before the actual move occurs.

Let the Movers Help You Pack!

This is a big decision for many people who don’t want to spend extra money, but they could end up spending just as much time and stress. Explore the idea of letting your movers help you pack.

The challenge is to lay your move out on paper. Make a spreadsheet and add up your estimates and what it would cost to pack materials to see if it is a money saver. More than likely, having help will be a positive!

The other benefit to hiring your relocation company to help you pack is that this will give you a jump on the move. You can spend time decluttering your home, which is a massive job that only you can do.

If you want to take even more strain off, talk with a professional organizer in your community and ask if they can help you get your move headed in the right direction.

Remember, if you hire a moving team, they not only help you pack, but they will also do it in a way that it is easier to unpack!

  • Movers are insured for any breakages.
  • They work efficiently and quickly! (it’s great to watch the experts in action!)
  • They can do it in less time for less money than you think. When you are talking about the cost of moving, consider it as an expense that’s worth the extra dollars.
  • A relocation team will free you up to manage and oversee everything else.
  • They supply boxes and packing materials, saving you time and expense.

If you do not want to hire your mover to help, consider making your move a multi-week event. Here are some other tips that professionals suggest:

Take Photographs of your Belongings

Before your move, take photographs of your furnishings and valuables. This is for your record, but it also allows you to have essential items that mean the most to you and your family on file. Then, if something is broken, damaged, or lost during the moving process, you have a record of these items. Just a quick snap on your mobile phone will work.

Also, removing treasured items like jewelry, breakables, and sentimental antiques is best before they get packed up. Carry those with you to your new home, and place them in one easy-to-find place.

Make a list of all that needs to be done before, in the middle, and at the end of your move. This includes turning on utilities at your new address and changing your address with the Post Office.

Ask for Help Even if your relocation team is doing it all, you will still need a couple of people to be beside you to run errands and other things.

Spend Your Extra Time Preparing for Your Move. Don’t procrastinate! So many people wait until almost moving day to begin to plan, pack, and declutter. All of this can and should be done in advance.

Label Those Electrical Cords

A detail that is often overlooked is the unwinding of electrical cords! Label your electronic cords. Computers and television equipment can frustrate us as we try to get everything “back up and running.” Chances are, if you look behind your desk or media center, you will see a clutter of cords!

Banding cords together makes short work of hooking everything up once the move is done. Another great tip is to place colored stickers on the cords that match their location on your computer. The worst thing you can do is gather everything and put it in a moving box.

If you want to go one step further, take a photo of how your electronics are set up. Then, when you get to your new location, you can quickly set up your electronics.

If you have an Animal, Plan to Board It on Moving Day. Moving is stressful for children and animals. Find a safe location for your pet and free yourself and your movers to complete the moving task quickly. Later or the next day, introduce your pet to their new surroundings.