Navigating 2024 Moving Trends: A Guide to Your Next Adventure

A new year always brings with it new trends. Over the years, the idea of packing and moving has significantly changed.

When people thought about moving twenty to thirty years ago, it was more of a necessity. Displacement, poverty, and better economic opportunities were just three of the reasons people moved.

Today, people continue to move for a variety of reasons, but the moves center around choice and a desire for a better lifestyle. Lifestyle can be described in many ways. So, if you are reading this blog and have a desire to move to a place with greater social opportunities, you are not alone.

That CEO position still looks and sounds great, but more and more people are cashing in their asphalt paychecks to spend more time with family and friends and doing things that bring true happiness.

They realize our world has changed; and in many cases, they want to change that 9 to 5 “must” hours to a more flexible lifestyle. They will work hard, but their desire is to become new entrepreneurs by starting businesses, traveling, blogging, creating, and working from home.

Some are willing to settle for what was once perceived as less to gain something they see as more—their dreams. But before you move to a smaller town, ask yourself if you are ready for the change.

2024 could be the year when you could fall in love with life again. So, if change really is in the air, where are people moving? According to the U.S. News & Reports: “People are choosing states like Florida or North Carolina that have endless outdoor activities. These are places where they can work and then step outside and look up into a nighttime star-filled sky!

Where are people moving to?

At the end of 2023, Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas had the largest influx of movers. Right now, polls show this trend continuing with the top 5 cities to move to being:

  1. Green Bay, WI
  2. Huntsville, AL
  3. Raleigh and Durham, NC
  4. Boulder, CO
  5. Sarasota, FL

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Are you ready for a Move?

Not everyone is ready to move! Some move because life has changed, and it is time to step out and try something new! Before you move, here are some general questions you can ask yourself as you think about relocating. Of course, always do your research! Most people do, and they can learn a great deal about a new location. Plus, trust your instincts and ask questions!

  • How much can you afford? This is a question that many people are asking. The cost of living varies greatly across the U.S. Housing prices, rental costs, and property taxes vary greatly. The amount of money you will spend in one location may not work for a larger city. You could live comfortably in a small town in the south but struggle in a larger city like Atlanta.
  • Are you looking for certain amenities? Many of the larger cities in the U.S. have moved toward the trend of developing “green space” where people can exercise, walk, and be outside in a safe environment. Always define what life looks like to you. Do you enjoy participating in a community with a strong arts culture and a diverse culinary scene?
  • Do you want to move to be close to loved ones? Not everyone needs to be close to people they know. Family matters, but some of us are fine with distance between us. Still, think through this question seriously. Fellowship and friendships are essential to a person’s physical and mental health.
  • What is the job market like? You may have a job and can easily move and work from home. Remember, the job market is ever-changing. If you work remotely or you are retired, moving can be easy and fun!

Moving to a city or town with a strong job market adds security, but plenty of people choose to live outside the lines of a city. That’s perfect, study the environment of the city you are moving to. Pick up another one if your current job does not work out.

  • Do you want to live in a densely populated, popular area? Most of us love being at home but still have great shopping and eating places. Larger cities with traffic jams are not on the popular list. But you must still study the most popular cities and metro areas people flock to. This could be your go-to list or maybe your things to “avoid” list if you prefer to live somewhere quieter with fewer people.
  • Are you moving with a family? If you have a young family, education is always essential! But so is having a sense of community and family-friendly cities and towns.
  • Is climate important to you? This is an important question. More and more, people are living and playing outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, and being out in nature spell peace and relaxation. Be honest: do you feel at home when considering a particular city? As you narrow down your options, consider climate preferences.

Some people like to live where seasonal changes occur, while others are home at the beach with tropical temperatures. You want to live where you can enjoy the weather. If snow is not your thing, the southern states may be more for you!

Top Reasons People Want to Move in 2024

Unsurprisingly, affordability is still the number one reason people are willing to move. Out of everyone surveyed by Architectural Digest, across all generations, about 85% cited this as their top reason. Nearly 42% of respondents reported that finding an area with more affordable housing or a lower cost of living would compel them to move.

Here are the top eight reasons people move in 2024:

  1. Affordable housing
  2. Lower cost of living
  3. Safety
  4. New job
  5. To be closer to my family and friends
  6. Better schools
  7. Lower taxes
  8. Weather that suits your lifestyle.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

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