Dependability—Hire a Mover Who Cares!

When you think of relocating to another city or even across town, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Sure, cost, the overwhelming feeling of packing, and different stresses are all the top points to consider, but there’s something more: Dependability!

That one word should be something you chase down at every angle. You want your moving company and your relocation team to be dependable. It’s not just enough for them to have experience; you want to work together with a team that you talk with and know that you are being heard. So, hiring a mover who cares is paramount.

Most of us want to know that our moving team cares—not just about the physical move from point A to B but about you—as a client—and how this move touches every area of your life.

What? Isn’t that too much to ask of a group of well-trained relocation experts? Not at all!

When hiring a mover who cares, Experiences, and has Great Reviews, Tell a Story Worth Hearing.

While there have been many stories filed on social media concerning the lack of effort from subpar moving companies, there are even more helpful reminders that many relocation companies want to do an excellent job.

Movers and clients have parts to play in the moving process.

  • When choosing a relocation expert, it all begins with training and being taught to listen to clients well. Sometimes, your relocation team listens to hear what you are not saying or what you have forgotten to ask! As you plan for your move, list questions to ask your representative.
  • You also want to choose a company that’s not overbooked. Get on their schedule early and keep personal demands reasonable and responsible.
  • Read, read, read all the wording on any estimate given. Being informed will teach you how to stay on top of your move. This will also prepare you for asking the right questions about your move.

Questions were not something a public relations professional from Las Vegas did, and she learned the importance of this the hard way. After searching the web for a company to move her belongings from Las Vegas to her new home in Texas, she decided to go with the one that offered her the lowest bid—$1,700!

She paid a 50 percent deposit to the company and $450 on moving day. But she discovered her belongings had been moved to a storage unit a few miles from her new home. To keep the story short, She had to pay another $450 to the company to release her belongings!

This may sound like an extreme situation, but companies without your best interest will compromise their service and the industry’s standards.

By this point, this client ditched the moving company, rented a truck, and hired workers to get her things to her new home. But the cost came to more than $4,000! A huge difference from where she began!

At Lambert Moving Systems, we stand by our remarkable history that began in 1925! We are a trusted family-owned and operated business. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional moving services to countless satisfied customers.

When you choose Lambert Moving Systems, you choose a company that values integrity, professionalism, and the utmost care for your belongings.

But regardless of the company you choose for your relocation, ensure you are given all the details upfront and the correct quote for your move!

Consumers must know that a low price tag often leads to big issues. It’s better to choose a moving company that costs a little more and knows your valuables will arrive safely and on time than find out differently on a moving day!

Hire a reliable Mover Who Cares!

Hire Local. If you hire a moving company based in your area, you may find that the relocation firm has more at stake! Reputation and community support are two things that you can’t easily purchase. They are earned through years of trusted client care.

Get estimates. The rule is: Get at least three written in-home estimates. If an estimate is unusually low or the moving company provides an estimate over the phone or online without sending a representative to see the scope of the job, be guarded. It may be a sign of a scam. Relocation teams who care about their customers do not mind providing estimates!

Verify credentials. Movers who care have credentials! For moves between states, a mover must have a number issued by the Department of Transportation. It is a license that identifies commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce.

Consumer Affairs reports: “If the mover you’re considering is licensed, that company must provide the DOT number on its website and in its advertising, says Kurt Larson, a spokesman for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the Department of Transportation that oversees truck and bus safety. The mover also must have a carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.”

You can find your mover’s DOT and motor carrier numbers, which is one way to ensure that the company is legitimate.

For in-state moves, the requirements vary by jurisdiction. In some states, movers are not regulated. (33 states require in-state movers to have a federal DOT number.) Be sure to check your state for more information.

Finally, consider using a moving company that’s certified by the American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover program. It subjects movers to a background check and requires them to adhere to the association’s standards.

Always Read Reviews. You want to see what other customers are saying about the company you are thinking about using. This is easy to do. Simply do a review search, and you will learn a lot! You can also review the company’s complaint history by using the mover search tool on the Department of Transportation’s website.

Always be wary of large deposit requirements. A moving company shouldn’t require a deposit of more than 20 percent of the estimated cost of the move. Many won’t require any payment until your belongings are delivered. Be sure to put deposits or other payments on a credit card so you can contest the charge if there’s wrongdoing.

If you have a problem with a mover, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and, for an interstate move, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If the mover is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association, file a complaint with that organization as well.

Moving and Relocation companies that care about their clients and their reputation are open books when it comes to service and providing the right information to you as a customer.

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