Mastering the After-Move: A Comprehensive Guide to Settling Into Your New Home

After the Move

After the move to your new home or apartment, you probably wish the unpacking phase could magically happen. Everything would find its place quickly, but the truth is that moving takes time on the front and the back end. But planning is always your key to success and less stress.

If you do the right things on the front end of your move, the backend will be much easier. Organizing your move, labeling your boxes, and working with your relocation team make even the most complex moves easier. There’s no need to view the moving process as a chore, especially if you break down the tasks — scheduling, packing, cleaning, and unpacking.

When the Movers Leave

The following tips should help “after the move” is done. Remember, the first and best thing you can do is organize your move.

  • Make sure your utilities are on and working, including your cable or satellite networks. Today, hooking up utilities can take weeks, so plan accordingly. Call and speak to people who know how long installation will take.
  • Double-check water systems and bathroom facilities to make sure everything is working well. Believe it or not, you can move into a house and turn on your washer and have something go wrong—like a serious backup. Ask your inspector before you sign the paperwork to put stress on your systems. Then, when you move in, do the same.
  • Change all entryway locks, period. Don’t wait. You may even want to do this before the movers arrive, especially if your move takes place over the weekend.
  • Have a security system installed. If you can afford it at least install security cameras outside and inside. Systems bought online are easy to install and allow you to monitor your home 24/7.
  • Schedule a time for a deep cleaning. If you don’t have the money to do this, try to clean before you begin to move in. It is easier to clean before the movers come, but it is also practical to wait until they have left. The main thing is for you to have a clean house to enjoy!
  • Run through a safety check for your family and pets. This is a crucial step! Check to make sure no harmful chemicals have been left behind. Also, look for trip hazards or things that could cause potential falls. You want your family to be safe and feel secure.
  • Inspect your boxes and moving containers. Please make sure they are all at your new location. Before the move, it’s wise to make an inventory of everything you have packed. Hopefully, you have read enough that you know to label each box with its destination on the outside. As movers come in boxes, you can direct them to a certain room.
  • Make sure that each room is clearly labeled and ready for your items. Well-trained relocation teams move quickly and can unload a truck with precision.
  • Don’t fill any room with boxes and items that don’t belong. Even if you are not unpacking them for a couple of days, you can stay organized. You can also consider a room or area where mismatched boxes are put to be unpacked later. But make sure the contents are clearly labeled so there’s no guesswork.
  • Recycle boxes. As you unpack a box, “break it down” and lay it flat so it can be removed without problems. If it is raining, place empty boxes in a covered area.
  • Be conscious of your new neighbors. While movers are at your new home, be sure to park appropriately. Don’t block a neighbor’s driveway. Be careful not to damage any property. If you must park along the street, ensure you are off the roadway as much as possible. Also, if you have pulled onto a neighbor’s grass, be careful not to harm it.
  • Remember, you are the “new kid” on the block. As neighbors go in and out of their homes, greet them. First impressions mean a lot, and you want to enjoy where you have relocated. Make sure all your dogs are secured and in a location where they are safe and everyone else is, too.
  • Update all important documents. Don’t delay letting lenders and others know your new address—your good credit report is at stake!
  • Register your cars and anything else you have brought to your new location.
  • Schedule repairs, updates, or renovations that you want to have done.

While moving can be overwhelming at times, you can keep your stress level down. Begin with safety in mind: Clean your new home, even if the former owner had it cleaned. Install a security system, update your address, transfer utilities, and work on your unpacking process.

A successful move requires a plan, and a move-in checklist can help you stay organized and focused. In all of this, one of the best things you can do is to go at your own pace. Don’t add stress to your life by trying to go faster and faster. A move will be much more enjoyable when you take time out to relax and be with family and friends.

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