Moving Day! Things to Consider

A myriad of things always needs to be done on a moving day!

No matter how hard we work to get everything done, something always pops up that we forgot to include in our plan. Be sure to drop in extra time in your schedule to deal with these last-minute needs and even emergencies! Here are a few suggestions that have been found to be very helpful. As always, look for ways to enjoy your move!

Let your neighbors know you are moving, and there will be extra cars and a moving van at the location you are leaving and at the one where you will be going. Stress-free moving includes communication with everyone: your relocation team and those around you in your old and new neighborhoods. Never burn bridges: leave with smiles and goodbyes. Likewise, land at your new destination with the same thing. This is a new adventure, so look for ways to make it great!

Have Cash on Hand This is something many forget to do. Time slips away, and before you know it, the morning or the day of the move is here. Even though so many of us are not using cash as much, it is good to have some on hand in case you need to send someone to buy something that is needed—like a strong hammer or screwdriver. What? Those are always on hand! Not necessarily. Sometimes, things we need get packed away, and a quick run to the store is needed. Plus, don’t forget that while tipping your team is not always expected, it is a gracious act that is appreciated.

Take a Break and Treat Yourself After all the boxes have been packed and you are ready for the next day’s move, take time to relax and have a fun dinner. It doesn’t have to be at a five-star location. It just needs to be a time for you to stop and rest. The next day is moving day, and it will be a full day even if you have movers helping with everything. Moving stress is real so take time to relax!

Greet your relocation experts and go over any concerns you may have. This is a very important step. Keep a list handy of any potential problems that could arise. Your relocation team will be grateful, and you will be glad you did this. It’s a time saver. Communicating potential issues up front saves energy and time. It is easy to clear up what you know but difficult to defuse what is not seen or heard.

Keep your eye on how the move is going. Never leave your move unattended unless there is an extreme set of circumstances. Speak up quickly if you sense something is not right. Have the telephone number of your company representative on hand should you need it. Most of the time, you won’t. Relocation teams are trained and can spot potential problems even before they arise. Just make sure that you have hired the right team. Then your move will have an excellent chance of being successful.

Have snacks and drinks (water) for everyone who helps or works with you. This is a normal thing that you need to have on your list. Water is a top priority for everyone, and snacks will help to keep energy levels up. Protein bars are excellent snacks along with fruit or small packaged goods.

Double-check all rooms and that fridge before you leave your old location. If you have ever watched a moving van be packed, and everyone looked at one another and asked, “Well, is that it?” Most of the time, the answer is “I think so.” Then it hits you: the fridge! Was it checked, and was the cleaning closet double-checked? Many times, boxes worth of items have been left behind. Make sure these smaller but important areas are on your list to check before the last door is closed on the moving van or your car. (See a short list of things that movers won’t move here!)

Return all keys to the person who is responsible. Most of us hate to go back after going forward! Unless you must return to your old house for more cleaning, be sure to hand over all keys and paperwork before leaving on your last day.

Super Tip

Can I ride to my new home with the movers? The best answer is “don’t even ask because the answer is “no.” Liability reasons prevent most movers from allowing you to jump in for a ride. Movers aren’t even allowed to offer you a ride, so make sure you plan in advance, how to get to your new location.

Do you have any questions regarding your move, we’re here to help!

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