When you make a big move, you get to experience a new environment, meet new people, and find more effective ways to organize your belongings to help make your life more efficient. As you unpack those moving boxes make sure to read these tips on how to organize some of the most common rooms in your new house.


It might take some time in your new kitchen, to figure out the best method of organizing all your kitchen essentials so the most used items are easily accessible. Try to keep your everyday dishes and cups nearest to your sink or dishwasher, so when it comes to putting them away the storage area is close. Pots and pans near the cooktop will make for easy access as you are making your meals.


Keeping your bathroom essentials clean and tidy being the main objective in the bathroom, you’ll want to have many different storage options. If you are limited on storage space in your bathroom, you might want to consider a storage unit that can use the space above your toilet. Baskets and other storage containers become handy to keep like items together and close at hand.


If you would rather your closets not be a catch-all with sheets tangled up with toys and various other objects, you can separate your shelves with dividers to make sure stacks of sweaters and stacks of sheets are neatly in their place. Again, baskets and boxes clearly labeled with the contents can help contain the mess.

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