Enjoy Your Move

Let’s begin this blog about moving with an exciting word: Enjoy! You may think: “What?! Enjoy a moving experience?” The short answer is yes!

While moving is probably one of the most stressful life events, it can be—fun. But this only happens if you are prepared in advance; if you have booked a great mover; and if you are ready to set out on a new adventure.

Those who hang back worrying over every detail usually find moves—even across town—daunting. In fact, when it comes to moving, someone should have signs printed that say: No Fear Allowed!

See the Positive!

Moving well is extremely important, exciting (new adventures await you) and at the same time overwhelming. What is the worse chore: Packing is probably the worse: “Where did I put that packing tape?” Does someone know what is in this sealed box; it’s not marked! Did you find the box marked shoes?”

Angi.com underscores what professional movers can do for you: “There’s a lot of chaos during the moving process, and it’s easy to lose track of a box or two when you’re doing it on your own. However, part of a professional movers’ service is keeping an inventory of the boxes and belongings to ensure everything makes it to the new location.”

Moving organizers can show you how to get to the other side of a move and know that the right boxes are in the right rooms!

But it is true: Unlike other challenges in life, where experience teaches us how to be more prepared for the unknown, moving and working with movers can feel like dealing with the unknown. This is where faith in your process and your moving team must kick in.

Don’t Allow the Negatives to Pull You Off Course

On a psychological scale, moving is ranked third when it comes to the most stressful events in life. Many medical journals say it is topped only by the death of a loved one and divorce! But we encourage you to turn the page and look at your move differently.

10 Points that Take the Edge off the Moving Subject

Here are some interesting facts about moving we believe will help you understand how we all think and feel about moving. Some of the points are pure stats. Some underscore what you already know, and others may give you the confidence you need to keep going.

  1. Around 40% of all moves in the US are job-related; 42% are personal moves; 18% are military or government relocations. This means that a lot of people are making life choices each day. You are not alone!
  2. More than 40 million Americans move every year. That’s more people than the entire population of the largest state in America, California! So, move on toward your dreams.
  3. The average American moves 11.3 times in a lifetime. That’s once every six years! That’s a lot of moves and being flexible in life and change makes a huge difference in the way you get through any move.
  1. If you’re planning a relocation, summer is the most popular time. According to com: People like to avoid the colder, less predictable winter months, but many want to be in their new locations before the school year begins and the city traffic increases.

Fifty percent of all relocations occur during one-third of the year –

between the beginning of May and Labor Day.

  1. Using a moving company to move locally actually may cost less than hiring a moving truck and moving yourself. Moving companies cover the labor—packing, the truck, transportation, gas, toll expenses, insurance – pretty much everything.

For most, hiring movers is the best decision they will make. The largest reason people choose movers that are close to them is convenience. Because moves are costly in other areas like emotional well-being, you want to keep convenience and organization top priorities.

  1. Close to 62 percent of the people in the US live in the state they were born. There’s a trend in this area, too. Those who do move away often find themselves moving back later in life. It’s a “coming home” story that repeats itself.
  2. A typical household move contains at least 6,500 pounds worth of moveable items. This is a fact that supports: Hire a moving company!
  3. Friday is the most popular moving day; and because of this, moving prices may be a little higher. Traffic in larger cities may be a bit more congested. Plus, if you live in a condo or apartment complex, you may want to schedule your move for the least busy times. After all, you want those elevators as free as possible!
  4. Always remember that while moving can be stressful, you are not in it alone. Your mover will be with you to make sure you reach your destination safely.
  5. Moving stress is temporary! You may have to repeat that to yourself during your move, but the truth is: if you are prepared for a move, you will emerge from that move stronger and in good spirits!

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