Oh, Those Unexpected Moving Delays!

When it comes to relocation, everyone wants their move to go smoothly. No one wants to talk about delays. But delays happen!

How do you stay on track? Believe it or not, Delays begin early in the process. Lots of us like to “put off doing today what we think can be done tomorrow.” This may work on some level but not on the level with a major move. When moving, no one wants delays, planning works!

The moment you know you are going to move is the moment you should begin researching and asking key questions to ensure your move goes well.

Having time up front always provides an opportunity for you to get organized, hire the right moving company, and think through any of the issues you could encounter.

Managing your time wisely, prevents you from feeling rushed or pushed to make last-minute decisions. When you have time, you can make right decisions—the ones that count the most.

Planning also means you have more time and mental space for a move. Want to “dream a little” about your new location? Then make sure you have plenty of time for the move built into your schedule.

Here are some basic questions to ask up front:

  • How much time do I have in my day to spend preparing for a move?” (An honest answer here will show you if you can do a self-move or if you need to hire a relocation company.)
  • “How much will my move actually cost?” (Professional relocation service teams know costs upfront. They also know areas where you could end up spending more than you should.)
  • Do I know where I will relocate within the city or town where I’m moving?” (Research your future location. Do you want to be nearer to schools, places to eat and exercise, or do you seek solitude in a rural environment?)
  • “Do I want to hire a relocation team to do my entire move, partial move, or will I use their packing services and head out on my own?”

Hiring a moving company with a proven track record always works best! It takes a huge amount of stress off you. But make sure the team you select has a solid reputation and reviews to match. This will save you time, money, and energy—physical and emotional.

But even with the best team in place, you can still run into delays. So be prepared!

Do Your Part Upfront to Avoid Delays

Some moving delays cannot be avoided. You could have delays/problems on your end, your movers may be running late (traffic in a large city can alter your “best laid plans”), or you may not have finished packing.

If you have a good plan in place, you will be able to move past any delay that comes your way.

Before you begin your move, tell yourself to be as flexible as possible. That way, if the movers run into traffic, you can step away and have lunch until they arrive.

Keep a right focus. We live in a stress-filled world. Focus on what has lasting value. Relocation to a new job and a new beginning is exciting. You take the “ouch” out of “moving stress” by keeping a “right focus.” Set your mind on the positive benefits of your move and not the negative moments.

Plus, work to keep your move as light as possible, rely on the professionals, and do all you can to tie up any loose ends along the way.

A Recap of an Excellent Plan—

  • Hire a relocation team in advance.
  • Start your preparations early and work toward your goal each day.
  • Keep any personal documents updated.
  • Use that budget to stay on track. Keep an eye on your financial spending.
  • If you have any questions, ask don’t hold back. When it comes to a relocation move across the city or the country, you will always have a list of questions.

Can you relocate without experiencing any delays? Theoretically, you should be able to do this, but more than likely, you will run into a delay here or there. Having the right attitude will cause your move to be as enjoyable as possible.

Communication: A Priority

Finally, and most importantly, communicate with your Relocation Team. Right communication solves a lot of issues before they become problems. If you don’t like the way your move is going, speak up sooner rather than later. Talk with your moving representative and get back on track!

Remember, no move is perfect, but you can ensure that yours is pretty much on target with good communication and planning.

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