How to Move During the Holidays

December is here, and with it comes thoughts of holiday celebrations. It is time to decorate and prepare for time spent with family and friends. It is time for parties, good food, and conversations.

But for some, the holiday season is the perfect time to move!

There are many reasons why people move during the holidays. Some include a work relocation, Military deployment, a life-changing event, or the need to downsize. We once thought of winter as being the wrong time to move. Children were in school, and we did not want to upset their schedules, but families have become more mobile.

Over the years, moving during the holidays has become less stressful.

Moving companies now have full schedules around the holidays, so if you are considering a move around December 1 or beyond, better call now!

Remember that in almost every blog, we talk about having a schedule, how to stay organized, and how to pack well. If you follow our blog, you will quickly learn the tips needed to move well.

We won’t say easily because moving requires a lot from any of us. Our teams and from you. If you are not moving to an area that is within our support radius, then we hope you have the information you need for a move that is well done.

Here are some practical tips for moving during the holidays.

  • Call your moving company and ask about availability. One client moved her dates two times. Life changes were “falling” all around her, and she had to closely track with her local relocation team. It all worked out, but she had to remain flexible. Plus, we must realize that large moving companies have tenured employees who could take time off for the holidays. The first rule for any move holds true: call and schedule the moment you have a date.
  • Don’t be afraid of moving this time of year! Do your homework, have your utilities turned on (especially the heat) and brave the cold. Follow our blog on moving during inclement weather, and stay in touch with your relocation team. The key to any successful move is learning to be organized! You can do this.
  • Don’t agree to host a party unless you know that you will have all the decorations up and the party trays unpacked. In other words, stay balanced and don’t overextend yourself. Seek ways to avoid family drama that can lift its head at the mention of any holiday. If you need to move, stay focused and work through your move!
  • Changing Schools Mid-Year has Benefits. Teachers and students can be lively and interested in getting to know a newcomer. Today, teachers are trained to help new students adjust to the transition and the shift in their education.
  • Don’t skip Holiday Celebrations. You can scale everything back, but don’t turn out the lights! Go ahead and put up some decorations. You may have less time, but bake your favorite easy dish! For years, author Jan Karon wrote about how to roast a turkey breast or a chicken with melted butter and fresh sprigs of rosemary! In fact, it was her lead character’s favorite dish. Please keep it simple; keep it delightful. We all need a little Christmas cheer.
  • Keep an eye out for snowflakes! We always say plan for changing weather and hope for sunshine. If you are moving to the northern part of our territory, you could face ice and even snow. If you are planning a move to the northern part of the US, then the weather can be challenging. Stay in step with your moving team. They know what can and cannot be done.

We suggest that you pack a few separate bags regardless of the weather. Being prepared begins with being open to changing circumstances. If you have an emergency bag ready to go, then you will be able to navigate through seasonable changes for a few days.

  • Try to keep your attitude turned in the right direction. Everyone wants your move to go well. No one wants to see you in any location but your new home. Many times, moves become difficult when someone forgets this simple thing: “Any move, even bad weather moves, can turn out to be the best chapter in your book of life.”

So, if it rains, pull out the umbrellas and tarps! Put on your rain shoes—Wellies if you want to be stylish—and splash in the puddles.

Once you have your boxes inside, close your door and celebrate! You did it! Now, the fun of being in a new location can begin!

Lambert is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1925! We know what it means to our clients to have a less stressful move. When it comes to local or national moving services, you won’t find a company with more experience or skill.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels

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