How to Pack Your Breakables

Whenever you’re facing a big move, there are always plenty of fragile items to take with you. Your grandmother’s fine china and your kitchenware is stuff that you can’t leave behind, but moving it can be a pain. Your Alabama movers can give you plenty of tips when the big day comes, but here are a few tips to help you get a jump start on packing your breakables.

Use old towels and sheets. Kill two birds with one stone, and pack your breakables up with old towels, sheets, or clothing that you’re going to have to move anyway. In fact, they don’t even have to be old, as long as you aren’t packing something that’s going to get dirty. Get a little resourceful, and you can find loads of (free!) packing materials around your house.

Invest in some packing material. Buy some bubble wrap, some peanuts, and some packing tape, and you’ll have a great setup for packing breakables in no time. Or you could get thrifty and ask around – some of your friends and relatives probably have some spare bubble wrap or peanuts they would happily unload on you.

Be careful where you stash the breakables. If at all possible, try and keep all the breakable stuff packed into one of your smaller vehicles. This keeps it out of the moving truck and decreases the chance of your stuff sliding around and breaking on you.

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