Moving with the Young at Heart!

Think of moving and changing locations? Usually, we think of adventurous young adults! But with more and more adults retiring and relocating, that mental snapshot has changed dramatically.

According to latest data from the U.S. Census, Florida ranks #1 in total net migration, which measures the difference between the number of people moving in and the number of people moving out of a state. From July 2021-July 2022, nearly 444,500 people moved to Florida, which compared to the previous year was a gain of 185,000, the largest year-over-year impact of residents moving.

But Alabama also cashes in on this with over a hundred thousand people relocating to that southern state. There’s a lot of things driving this shift, but a major portion in the change is demographics and the need to experience life on an easier going level.

Begin with a New Adventure!

People 55 and above start to think about where they want to be when they are in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond. If you are looking for comfortable climates, coastal areas in the south can’t be beat. It’s no secret that ocean views can bring a sense of peace and calm compared to large metro cities.

Most seniors begin to the think through their future as they enter mid-life. Traditionally, those who make major moves, have considered their options, and look for cities and locations that not only offer amenities but also a sense of security.

Security does not mean watching the weather forecast for only bright and sunny days! Security in this case means being with others who have the same desires, needs, and goals.

Seniors want to downsize so they can better connect with community! They look for gathering places where they can play, talk, and laugh. It’s healthy to be with others, who understand the life changes you have faced. With these simple points in mind, you can understand why downsizing is important.

Begin with being understanding with yourself. Give yourself grace but be determined to move forward in life.

Practical Tips for Helping Someone to Downsize

Your involvement in helping a friend or a loved one downsize significantly affects how things go. And don’t forget that downsizing also affects all of us. If you are not downsizing yourself now, you will one day.

    1. Work with your Relocation Team to nail down a moving date. Everything begins with this one single date. Set it and then diagram your move from this point.
    2. Organize your move by deciding what things will stay and what will go

Evaluate your new space. Measure furniture and rooms. Talk with friends and family about the way you want to arrange your new home. If needed, a professional designer can put things into perspective. Draw pictures of rooms and diagram the areas with furniture.

    1. Begin to pack your boxes. Follow our packing suggestions. You want to pack your boxes so everything arrives at your new destination safely. Label according to what goes where.
    2. Box and label everything. Box, tape, and label everything. You will be glad you did at the other end. Be as specific as possible by designating what the items are and where they go. Place boxes in separate areas of the home, so you aren’t sorting through piles of boxes looking for what goes to storage, donation, or the new location. Goal one is to have the best move possible!
    3. Decide whether you will sell, store, or donate items that do not fit your move. You can attempt to sell items yourself by posting on market place on Facebook and other online avenues or have a garage sale. But remember, this takes time and energy.

The alternative is to hold an estate sale. A professional company evaluates what to sell, markets the event, and schedules the sale.

Pros include much needed help and organizations. Con: the company usually takes a significant percentage of sales, but the experience is less stressful.

If in doubt, store items to deal with later. The cost of a storage area may well be worth the convenience. A storage unit will also allow you time to cope with the emotional fallout that comes from parting with items that can’t go to the new location.

Donating is a great way to help charities; many have free pick-up. Just make sure the items you donate are acceptable. For example, some charities will not take things like mattresses or large appliances.

    1. Start with the hardest room. Here’s a twist: Don’t begin by packing your easiest room! Start with the hardest and then you will feel motivated to have that done.
    2. Keep Your Energy level up and your emotions in check. Have a less-stress move!
      • Eat and hydrate: Healthy snacks provide energy—fruit, nuts, and protein bars. Have plenty of water and take breaks to eat and drink before you think you need to.
      • Dress for the work: Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy, supportive shoes.
      • Hire a professional: If you have health issues or time constraints consider hiring a professional. Moving companies can play a huge role in making your downsizing less stressful.
      • Allow friends to help: If friends or other family members offer to help, accept it but make sure you have a clear plan in place for the move.
      • Take breaks: Send someone out for food and take a few minutes off. Re-energized yourself!
      • Acknowledge your emotions: Feelings are important, and downsizing is a huge change. Many times, there is a lot of loss involved. The adventure is in front of you, but you still have feelings about the things you are leaving behind.
    1. Give in when necessary. There is no need to fight over downsizing. Even if you can see the futility of keeping certain items, it is not worth damaging your relationship. The only time this advice might not apply is if your loved one is a hoarder. Hoarding is a mental health disorder that is very challenging to combat and cope with, and you may need much more time to sort through things. When dealing with hoarding, you will need to keep things moving along.
    2. Check in with friends frequently. Check in with your friends and loved ones so you can have downtime with them and off load any emotional stress you may be feeling. Make sure you are eating and drinking plenty of water. Allow time to reminisce if needed.
    3. Finally, if downsizing seems too difficult for you, then ask for help from family members or friends. The hardest work you will do is making the decision to move. Be good to yourself and set your schedule so that you have plenty of “you” time, too.

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