Tools You Need for the Best Move!

Looking to have the best move ever? You really don’t have to look too far.

First, try not to over think your move. Keep it focused and move forward with a top-rated moving company.

Second, if you don’t think you can hire a mover for the complete move, consider doing as much as you can on your own and then have your movers do the rest.

In this blog we are going to give you tips on the tools that you need for a successful move. But we also want to tell you that the cost between moving yourself and hiring a moving company equals out to be the same. Do your homework and factor in all the extra costs that come with a self-move.

Before You Do a Self-Move

Most moving companies have websites that explain their moving practices, ability, relocation limits, and moving options. Use them and you will understand more about the moving process and what that company offers!

Most relocation companies know how to “tailor” your move to your budget. That’s important to them and to you. They want high ratings from you, and you want the best service from them.

Hire the right mover—local and/or long distant mover—and you will avoid a lot of stress. This means you have more time to settle into your new job, your new neighborhood, and your new location faster.

So, instead of falling back on a couch exhausted from endless days of unpacking, the right mover will help you unpack so you can unwind quicker. Too good to be true? It’s not! The right moving company will have you claiming success even before your relocation team leaves!

Tools You Need for a Successful Move

Remember, these are tools that can be used to prepare for the arrival of your moving company, or they can aid you in a self-move.

Furniture or a Utility Dolly. Everyone needs one of these stashed away in their homes today!  A utility dolly, has two wheels and is used to move several stacked boxes at once, protecting you from hurting your back while keeping you from dropping a box that contains breakables.

A furniture dolly has a large flat base with four wheels, and is essential for moving large, awkward items along with large pieces of furniture. Always make sure heavy items are well-secured and that you have extra help in moving items downstairs and up the ramp of the moving truck.

Moving Blankets and Pads You can easily and cheaply purchase both moving blankets and pads. These are beyond valuable because they save you from deep scratches and nicks. Use them to wrap furniture and items that are large and delicate. We recommend wrapping blankets around most everything and then wrapping the blanket with shrink wrap. Mirrors, small tables, chairs. The last thing you want to do is end up at the end of your move with broken pieces of furniture.

Wrap everything that’s precious with a moving blanket or pad. Blankets can be used to protect a couch from spills and dust and protect antiques or other fragile items. You’ll find that moving blankets are pretty much indispensable when it comes to moving yourself.

Packing Tape, Plastic Wrap, and Scissors A mover’s best friends! Always keep packing tape and a pair of scissors with you. Packing tape can be used to secure a blanket’s corners, to repackage a box that had to be opened, or to secure furniture parts together. You can also use packing tape to keep screws, tools, and other necessities taped to the underside of tables and desks.

Ropes and Straps Moving straps are another item that most people forget to include in their packing and moving supply list. Moving straps are a great tool for carrying heavy and awkward stuff such as a big-screen television, or a couch — anything that requires more than one set of hands. Moving straps also prevent back strains and other injuries and can be used to secure items to a dolly or once they’ve been loaded on the truck. Ropes can be used the same way.

Furniture Sliders When moving to a new house, you’ll likely need to move or adjust heavy furniture. Even after the movers leave, you might decide to switch up the arrangement. This is where furniture sliders come in handy. Attaching them to the feet of your furniture will help prevent scratches to your floor and make the moving process easier.

Multi-bit screwdriver A multi-bit screwdriver is a must for assembling things. This type of screwdriver comes with multiple bits and interchangeable tips that can be used for any number of tasks, including changing out hardware and tightening screws.

Step ladder Make sure to bring a foldable step ladder or step stool with you on moving day. You’ll need a ladder to access high cabinets and shelves when putting items away. You may also need a ladder to hang artwork and curtains.

Electric drill A good quality cordless electric drill will come in handy for a variety of tasks, including drilling holes in the wall, and assembling furniture.

Hammer Having a hammer handy is a must! A basic claw hammer is all you’ll need to drive nails into walls.

Tape measure You may not think you will need this, but you will find out quickly that you do. Tape measures help us with quick placement of furniture and the hanging of artwork and photography. So, from measuring rugs and curtains to measuring doorways and furniture, there are so many different reasons to have a tape measure handy. Make sure yours is durable and extends to at least 12 feet.

While preparing for your move, make sure to have a Moving Planner Checklist to ensure you have a successful moving day. The planner provides a customizable moving checklist, personal tasks list, email reminders, and coupons to help you stay organized while you move.

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